My Food Story Part 2: University

My Food Story Part 2: University

Our Kitchen

My love of food spills over into every aspect of my life including my writing and editing work. I’d just like to share a bit of that story with you. This is part 2 of a 3-part series.


Living with Roommates

Like many young adults, my real interest in cooking began when I moved out for university.

My favourite part about moving out was the great roommates that I had. There were five of us women in one house. We all went about our own university lives, but we were intentional about getting together to share food.


Roommate Dinners

Once a week (as far as I can remember, maybe it was every other week) we scheduled roommate dinners. We would take turns cooking for each other. I learned so much from our meals together and our evenings were so much fun. Not only did we share good conversation, we shared good food too. Each of us had our forte. Julie specialized in delicious soups and biscuits (she even imparted her grandmother’s treasured biscuit recipe, which I now regularly use), Carlynne was adventurous and made exotic recipes for us, Carrie got us all hooked on waffles (post-run waffles became a Saturday tradition), Tara shared some healthy family recipes, and Brenda introduced us to some east coast fare, including biscuits and cream.



A Full Fridge

Our fridge attested to the fact that my roommates and I shared a passion for food. We each had our own particular diets so we didn’t grocery shop together. The fridge was filled with 5 cartons of milk, 5 cartons of eggs, and we all had our own condiments, too. We shared some things. It was always handy when one of us had forgotten some key ingredient for a recipe and another one of us had it. We didn’t even have room for all our produce in the fridge, so Carlynne devised a storage section for all our fruits and vegetables in a drawer unit. 


Kitchen Proximity

My room was the closest to the kitchen, so I would always know what was going on – each time the kettle boiled, the bread maker started, or the dishwasher was running, I knew it. If I needed a break from studying I could always pop in the kitchen.

How we managed all this food in one kitchen, I don’t know. How we managed to share cooking time in the kitchen is a miracle, but it was always fun to meet in the kitchen and talk about our days while chopping up apples for a study snack, or while boiling water for the next pot of tea.





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