My Food Story Part 1: Childhood

My Food Story Part 1: Childhood

My love of food spills over into every aspect of my life including my writing and editing work. I’d just like to share a bit of that story with you. This is Part 1 of a 3-part series.


Good Food and Family

My appreciation for good wholesome food began with family gatherings where we would share food around the table. There would be a spread of freshly made buns, fruits, vegetables, cheese, cold cuts, and of course, baked goods. There are many amazing bakers in my family. Since that role is already filled, I gravitate to towards cooking, but that is a story for another day.

My cousins and I would fill our plates and head down half a flight of stairs in my grandparents’ semi to the living room.  Through the railings we could still see the table filled with goodies so we could view it and contemplate whether or not we wanted just one more of Oma’s amazing zweibach or another brown bun with jam.


On the Farm

Other family gatherings were at my Aunt and Uncle’s farm. We’d have barbeque potlucks outside amidst the rows of grapes. If we were lucky enough and it was late summer or early fall we could enjoy some freshly picked grapes.


Working at the Greenhouse and in the Orchard

I spent one summer picking peaches and working in a tomato greenhouse.  Near the end of the school year I convinced my Dad to take me out to the countryside just 15 minutes from our house. There were many greenhouses surrounding my parents’ house, so I knew that there would have to be one where I could work. Many of my friends from high school worked at greenhouses owned by their parents, so I wanted to give it a try too. The greenhouse where I found the job just so happened to own peach orchards as well.

I spent days upon days rolling down the aisles of the greenhouse on a wooden cart winding string around the tomato plants that was attached to the ceiling. Other days were spent picking peaches. I loved to scale the ladder into the branches to thin out the peaches early in the season and then again to pick the peaches once the heat of the summer had arrived. At night I would close my eyes to a peach canopy.



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