Becoming the Editor of My First Cookbook

Becoming the Editor of My First Cookbook

(To Read more about my work on the upcoming revised edition of Simply in Season, check out my post on the MennoMedia blog.)

Last fall, I wrote a blog post about my First and Favourite Cookbook. Simply in Season was the first cookbook I purchased when I moved out for university. It has been a staple cookbook in my kitchen and even still, in many cases it is the first cookbook I go to after a long day of work and it’s time to eat. It’s part of a series of three cookbooks, and all of the royalties go to support the work of the Mennonite Central Committee, a relief and development organization started and run by Anabaptist churches that works for peace and justice.

The cookbook has had a big influence on my life. Now, wherever I go, I love to explore local food, farmers’ markets, and u-picks. Oranges aren’t ever in season in Canada, but a few years ago, when we went to Florida, I persuaded my husband to make a detour to an orange grove just outside of Sarasota (pictured).

I have been working with the publisher of this cookbook since early last year, and I was very excited to receive an email from one of the managing editors, asking me to copy-edit the first of three revised editions for the series: just after Christmas, I finished copy-editing Extending the Table. A month or so ago, they asked me to be a part of the second cookbook in line for revisions: Simply in Season. This is a cookbook that is very close to me. I know it inside out, and I feel privileged to be a part of the revised edition and to work as the project manager/coordinating editor.

I put together a survey to send out to the many others who have grown to love it too (maybe that includes you!). So if it is in your cookbook shelf, and you want to make sure your favourite recipes appear in the next edition (with beautiful photos), head on over to the survey and fill it out by May 1. You can read all about it here, in a guest post I did for the MennoMedia/Herald Press blog. (Note: You will be entered into a prize draw and all survey participants will receive a discount on the new cookbook if you fill out the survey!)



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